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@GlamDemon2004 (Serena Shahidi) Sticker Sheet


@GlamDemon2004, the mastermind behind “Let Me Ruin Your Life” and “Scamdalous,” wants you to embrace being both glamorous and chaotic (just like her) by slapping these stickers anywhere and everywhere. 

The 9.8" x 14" sticker sheet features unabashed propaganda in service of spreading the good word of Serena Shahidi, including the “Let Me Ruin Your Life” logo in three colorways, an illustration and photo of the influencer-icon, and some mantras dear to Serena’s heart (“Cancelled”; “Charmed”). 

Whether you’re a scammer, hustler, heartbreaker, or aspiring iconoclast, these stickers articulate your love for @GlamDemon2004 in tasteful fashion.