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Dr. Parik Patel Limited Edition Tie-Dye Tee


Dr. Parik Patel (BA, CFA, ACCA, Esq.) is tripped out in this limited edition tie-dye tee. The meme lord’s face up close and center, surrounded by swirling psychedelic patterns.

For any finance player who’s experimented with microdosing or encountered a shaman during a corporate retreat, this shirt screams, “Ayahuasca is a cruel mistress, but what I saw in the jungle changed me forever…”

Printed on custom cotton blanks and silkscreened with love in Brooklyn, NY.

Each purchase includes a complimentary Dr. Parik Patel headshot sticker. 

Additional Specs:

- 100% heavyweight cotton
- Relaxed fit
- Custom tie-dye — meaning no two shirts are exactly alike!